Flower of Love

I know I was supposed to transcribe this myself but, it seems that somebody already did it and well I'll just use that! *gets shot for laziness*

The lyrics I got were from the lovely Tokimemogs Livejournal community. I've been lurking in your community for a good two years, yo! XD
Romaji lyrics are courtesy of Pralyn.
Translation is by: murderwinks.

Btw, the cover art for the single is pretty! :D

The song has been around in youtube for a while now. :D

Primrose - Flower of Love

Futatsu no kage ga kasanatte kimi no kodou kanjita
Ano hi deatta kono basho ni flower of love
Mayowanai youni

Furueta kimi no kuchibiru ga sotto ai wo egaita
Umarekawatta kono sekai ha ima
Yasashiku hohoemi nagara kagayaku yo

Kaze ga hakonda guuzen janaku unmei no hoshi ha mawatteyuku
Namida ga koboretemo mou hitori janai to
Me wo tojite kata wo daita

Tokimeki ha ima omoi wo koe kakedasu yo
Kimi no te wo hikiyose
Mitsumeau to jikan ha tomaru eien ni

Thank you for your love zutto

Hanarenai yo sou itsudemo mattetanda
Kono hana ni takushite
Kimi no tame ni utau yo flower of love
Yatto kimi ni deaeta kara

Tokimeki ha ima omoi wo koekakedasu yo
Kimi no kata dakishime
kuchizukeru to jikan ha tomaru eien ni

All your love zutto

Hanarenai yo sou itsudemo shinjitetanda
Kono hana ni takushite
Kimi no tame ni utau yo flower of love
Yatto kimi ni deaeta kara


Two shadows overlapped and I felt your pulse
We met in this place on that day - flower of love
We didn't hesitate

Your trembling lips quietly described love
I was born again and this world is now
gently smiling while glittering
It wasn't a coincidence brought by the wind, the stars of destiny keep turning
Even if your tears overflow "You're not alone any more."
I closed my eyes and held you

The beat of my heart is now racing beyond my imagination

When I pull your hand towards me
And gaze at you, time stops for eternity
Thank you for your love always

We won't be separated, yes I've always been waiting for you
Entrusting in this flower

I sing for you - flower of love
I could finally meet you
The beat of my heart is now racing beyond my imagination

When I hold you
And bring my lips to yours, time stops for eternity
All for your love, always

We won't be separated, yes I've always believed
Entrusting in this flower

Kinda sappy, if you haven't heard the song, so I suggest you do! :3

Quick Hello

I have no excuse for my long blogging absence.

The truth is... I've just been:
-Going to uni
-Going home
-Playing otome games

Yup, I'm watching Star Driver, the most FABULOUS anime as of late. It only aired last October and has 10 episodes so far.

So far, I have no qualms about it yet. :D I'm glad that it's been good so far - my friends and I have been waiting for it ever since we saw the preview two months prior its airing. :D

In true Star Driver faggot fashion, I have sported the famous Kiraboshi during my free time. XD


(And also, I got a new wig! Yay!)

That's all for now. :)

I still owe reviews for FF13 and TMGS3 and lyrics for Flower of Love, lol.

But for now...


Ohai thar again!


It's not Wednesday but... oh well, a picture of me, for lack of anything to post.
As much as I'd want to post-process it to fix the blur and save you from my eyebags the size of Jupiter, alas, the lack of photoshop in my newly reformatted computer hinders me so. XD

I've been playing a shitton of otome games lately. XD Just finished Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 3rd story yesterday. :D Artificial love high makes me happy hahaha~ Will be posting about them sometime soon.

I'm actually in the middle of transcribing (actually, just getting the lyrics by ear, IDK what you call that) the lyrics of Primrose's Flower of Love, the ending song for TMGS 3. I couldn't find any, so I decided to make one. XD

Anyways, Love and Peace to all~ XD Till the next update. XD

Today I turn 22 + Nostalgia

Today I turn 22. Hrrmmm.... aging; something that I really don't like. :|

Anyways, nothing special today, just spent the day with family and played FF13 with my brother. I'm starting to harbor some great hate over some characters - that is attitude-wise and not their functionality in the game. Oh well I'll save my rantings for the game for when I've already finished the game. Hopefully my hate for these characters will not make my review biased. hahaha XD

My friend Eds, sent me a Kaito picture for my birthday. Ohohoho~ Kaito gift from eds


I have been completely oblivious as to what There She Is was although a lot of friends have been flailing about it..until today that is! AK showed me this video today and THIS IS CUTE YES I THINK I'VE BEEN COVERTED! XD

But the real winner was AK's comment: Pretend this is Katname going against all odds just to deliver BunnIssa's cake.

Hoping for a great year! <3

I can remember playing video games since I was 3 (YEAH LOL), and back then everything was so simple yet so hard. Simple in the sense that the objective was clear - save/collect/destroy something. Hard because everything you had to figure out everything yourself, and everything was unexpected, at least at the first try. I recall playing Super Mario Bros. a lot before, and also Contra, Castlevania, Zelda.

Then I came across this: Super Mario Bros. Crossover

It's a game by exploding rabbit, which is a remake of Super Mario Bros., only with the addition of some other early video game heroes like Simon (Castlevania II) , Samus (Metroid), Bill (Contra), Link (Legend of Zelda), Rockman (Rockman) and of course, Mario! Why Luigi isn't there, I don't know.


This game is so much fun - seeing how pathetic Simon is without powerups, that is having to hit goombas 3 times before killing them (haha), how difficult to jump with Link, with him being small, etc. It's funny seeing other characters in the all too familiar Super Mario world.

Being a game that is fanmade, there are still some adjustments needed to be done, like Simon's jumping being a little off and the water world feeling a lot not like water for the characters other than Mario. (Bill defies water pressure haha) I've only reached up to that part. XD

Hey - have I told you that you can save in this game? Hahaha, a feature for the not so nimble like me is always welcome. Yay~

But it's a great game nonetheless, kudos to the guys on exploding rabbit! I'm having nostalgia bouts just hearing the music. XD

First Post!

Haro There!

Haro There!

Hahaha, pun intended! This was taken in my dormitory room last year *yeah, a long time ago OTZ*. See the notes on my closet? XD

Anyway, hello again, and to be honest I'm really really new to blogging in fc2, and not a lot of my friends blog here too. Curiosity got the best of me, and well I'm here!

In most situations, I'd rather post pictures than type in a lot of text. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So... expect me to post a lot of pictures. nyaha

Love and Peace and have a nice day, everyone!



Hi, I'm Issa and I'm a sucker for anything cute. XD
I love taking pictures, playing video games,building model kits, also, I love talking about them.

Nice to meet you, and I hope you have a nice time here. :)

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